Adventure canoe & River Tubing

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Some of the best   scenery that nature has to offer is enjoyed while drifting down a lazy river in the comfort of an Adventure canoe  , better yet if you prefer a recliner perhaps you will enjoy  one of our custom River  tube,s !1/2 day trips , all day , over night or all week , Your river your adventure , we do what we can to make sure your tour is unforgettable & enjoyable !   South whisky chitto is a paradise to enjoy ,  Lined  with huge beautiful quartz sandy beaches . thousands of acres of Tall Timber & hardwood , visitors , local folks, resident , land  owners  &  Adventure canoe strive to keep this river clean & safe , when you visit we expect you to too !
For directions & more information Our e-mail is 1wyatt@earthlink.net / Phone text 337 375 2395
adventure canoe has adventure for you !
 call or Text 337 375 2395 
Unforgettable  &  Enjoyable tours
337-463-3606 /337-375-2395 www.tubetour.com
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Whisky Chitto & Adventure Canoe Rental

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A Quiska ( Whisky )  Chitto river tour Truly Unforgettable & Enjoyable !Foot prints

Adventure canoeing , Kayaking , River Tubing River outfitter , Text or call  Number is 337 375 2395 .. we are on south Whis-ka chitto , Ride this end of the river & see the  best of this Indian named Stream    Whiskey Chitto , whiska Chitto , uiski chitto , Ouiska chitto , one thing 4 sure Chitto must be the agreed last name , Chitto = water Quiska = swift , as for Whiskey whisky , that is a mind altering Drink uiska & ouiska was probably other ethnic groups giving it the same name , Quiska Chitto is an Indian name Quiska translates to many things from cane to Quick ,,, Chitto however in the local   language translated to WATER !

We match or Beat the best deals in the regions we serve  BEST DEAL is not always the lowest PRICE !

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