Quiska (whis-ka) chitto


The famous mapmakerWilliam Darby translation of Quisak is Ouiska , whiskey ,whisky is modern mans corruption of the original name ,,,  call it what you want to the one river with several names fed by natural springs & many spring water tributaries is in one word NICE !

Remember in any adventure it is Best to keep your wits know the turf & the forecast , Northern Rain  can transform this peaceful stream into an unkind  & unforgiving force !

Rain can lead to a rapid rise & often  transform the river relocating logs , Beaches & sand bars , often times swimming holes that was 10 feet deep last year are now @  4 feet or less ! Remember >”shifting SAND !”  !  just because you know or knew  the river last year week or month  does not mean everything is the same today ! Quiska -Chitto   it continues to change But  remains NICE !.

Once you ever enjoy you will likely be back again ,thus you will discover it is true >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
>~ adventure canoe has adventure for you !
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