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Carefully review if you are new.

Carefully review if you are new.


Outdoor outfitter Adventure Canoe & River touring LLC
Dba: Adventure Canoe
Home Telephone :337 463 3606
Quiska chitto Outpost :15164 u.s. 190 west LeBlanc LA 70651 -0172

South Quiska (whis-ka) Chitto River tours See Two Rivers . See where Quiska Chitto ends :-)
Quiska Chitto is an American Indian name, Quiska translates to many things from Cane to Quick, Chitto translation = water.
In the 18 hundreds the Famous cartographer William Darby’s translation of Quiska was Ouiska , One visit to the Mouth of Ouiska River Enthusiasts can envision that during high water months Pirates Navigated in positioning their hide outs Deep into this area once known as No Mans Land .

Day Trips : our most popular day trip is six river miles long an average canoe can navigate this in less than two hours ,It is best enjoyed using most of the day partaking of the scenery beaches & secluded swimming holes along the way.
River Tubing:
Many prefer tubing over canoeing , Via River tube this six mile tour averages 3 hours of float time at best level , as the summer heat & typical droughts lowers the river level float times become longer , if inexperienced ask for advice !

Camping : Enjoy a Full day or more on any particular Beach !
Tent camping along the river is an all-time favorite for many,
For the 6 mile section equipment rental fees are 1 & ½ day fee for up to three Nights & four days.
Cost : ½ or full day rental fee is the same :

Tours departing from u.s. 190 outpost 15164 u.s.190 LeBlanc la 70651  as follows
Payment Method :Cash or notice easy pay “pay now button ” upper left of page pre-pay & SAVE on repeat Tours ! Keep in mind We don’t issue refunds.

“providing we are notified” if your date changes for any reason your  payment is good for future services,we also understand extenuating circumstances ! Keep in mind We want your continued patronage ,thus make every effort to provide services at your convenience.  

Day Tours Two seat Canoe $50.00    Three seat canoe$ 60.00

Single kayaks 40$

River Tubes$ 20.00
Cooler or supply raft$ 15.00

will update kayak info for tandem  & fishing kayaks soon.

Week day & off season discounts serve yourself  options available  :-) other location’s   pick up or delivery options available as well .

Established Customers discover Group Rates  & weekday specials such as $15 Tube tours  periodically  all summer long , for a list of our dates please text 337 375 2395 or e-mail either e-mail link in these archives & ask to be added to our  update list via e-mail  , soon to drop earth-link , but for 2016 till mid august you can e-mail   1wyatt@earthlink.net    for an automated message with directions to our South ( Whis-ka chitto )  highway Outpost which is at   (15164 u.s. hwy 190 Lebalnc LA 70651) . add Directions in subject line for 1 automated reply.

 E-mailing either e-mail you receive 1 automated message .  Individual replies will  come  from adventurecanoeing @yahoo.com

All seasons Expeditions .

Other excursions available throughout the year fees for longer sections & locations Such as Sabine River  depend on time & distance involved in outfitting any particular Expedition.

Just one excursion or river expedition is all it takes to discover it is true ~
Adventure canoe has adventure for YOU !
Call or text ,  337 375 2395